Asbestos Support Groups

June 17, 2014 Mark

Asbestos Support Groups

There are a number of organizations such as non-profit, educational groups that offer services not only for individuals suffering from asbestos-related conditions, but for their families as well. One such organization is the White Lung Association (WLA). The premise behind these types of organizations is treating the entire family as a single unit. They usually offer face-to-face support groups and family sessions. Board members of the WLA have mentioned that a victim who is dealing with a life-altering illness has to try to incorporate frequent doctor’s visits, different treatments, and taking medication into their daily routine [1]. Caregivers often become the emotional buffer between health care services, frequent visits to the doctors, and hospitalizations, which can take an extreme toll on them and extended family members. These circumstances make it necessary for the entire family to receive emotional support from asbestos support groups.


For people who may not have access to face-to-face groups or may prefer receiving support from an online community, various online forums have been setup. This type of online support allows victims and their families to connect with others who are experiencing the same hardship around the nation and even around the world. Furthermore, individuals handle grief in different ways and expressing ones concerns and emotions through live-chats or community forums may more appropriately suit some individuals’ needs [2].


Certain types of apprehensions only begin to surface when victims and their families receive mental health services and the combination of individual and group support can also provide respite from the daily care of a loved one in addition to emotional support. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos seek immediate medical attention even if you are not currently experiencing any symptoms. In many cases, symptoms only begin to appear when the cancer has reached the late stage. Early diagnosis can greatly improve your prognosis. In addition, if you or a loved one have been exposed to asbestos contact us for legal advice regarding possible financial compensation.



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