$9,000 Fine | Burning Asbestos

February 27, 2015 admin

COOS BAY, Ore. — A Coos Bay man was fined more than $9,000 for burning asbestos-containing vinyl flooring.

Asbestos is a natural-occurring mineral whose fibers are strong and heat resistant.  These qualities have found use in common building products such as roofing, flooring, cement board siding, and drywall ceiling texturing, to name a few.

When asbestos-containing materials are mishandled, asbestos fibers can be released into the air where they are inhaled, potentially causing asbestosis and a rare form of cancer.

The man was also cited for illegally open burning rubber tires, tar-based roofing, and variety of plastic polymers including PVC, polyethylene, fiberglass, and clothing made of Nylon and other synthetic polymers.

The man was also cited for burning rubber tires, plastic, and synthetic polymers found in clothing.

“It is illegal anytime, anywhere in the state of Oregon,” said natural resource specialist Martin Abts. “Good reasons for it too, especially since a lot of illegal open burning occurs in backyards and residential areas, so the exposure to the folks burning, plus their neighbors, is more acute.”

Materials containing asbestos must be handled carefully to avoid releasing asbestos fibers into the air.

Some forms of asbestos-containing materials must be removed by DEQ-licensed companies who employ special removal techniques.

When handled appropriately and when properly packaged, asbestos-containing materials can be disposed through a local asbestos abatement company or taken to the nearest landfill that is permitted to accept asbestos wastes.

For further information, contact the local DEQ office.

Source: http://www.kcby.com/news/local/North-Bend-man-fined-9000-for-burning-flooring-containing-asbestos-294286001.html