AsbestosLifeline Announces Publication of the Free Asbestos Disease Glossary

December 13, 2015 Dave K
Asbestos Disease Glossary

Asbestos Disease Glossary

In an effort to make the lives of asbestos victims and their families just a tiny bit easier, the AsbestosLifeline announces the publication of the Asbestos Disease Glossary, a handy, pocket-sized booklet that contains brief descriptions of the many medical terms that Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer patients may hear during the course of treatment. The booklet also has brief descriptions of the primary medical specialists that are usually involved in the treatment of the serious asbestos-related diseases of Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer. Interested parties are encouraged to ask for a free copy of this valuable tool by visiting and completing the form, or by simply calling 800-990-1650.

According to David Kufeld, executive director of AsbestosLifeline, “we feel that asbestos victims and their care-givers are under enough stress during treatment and would be benefit from having this convenient booklet with them when they visit the doctor and are given an entirely new language to comprehend, that of arcane medical terminology.” The AsbestosLifeline believes that when patients are educated as to the precise nature of their treatments they will be empowered and able to manage the process in an improved way. Asbestos disease patients are invited to place their order for this free booklet today, and if they have friends or acquaintances undergoing similar treatments they are able to request copies for them as well.

Publication of the booklet was made possible by a gift from the Kufeld family, in loving memory of their late father and grandfather William M. Kufeld, an accomplished attorney and a decorated World War II combat veteran who perished from an aggressive cancer condition in 1998.